We Didn’t Care (Blog #5)

Whitney-Faith and I walked outside. The cool Pennsylvania fall air wrapped itself around us. We were at Mr. Martin’s and the swing was in the yard. This swing was made out of a smooth board with rope tied to a tree limb that seemed as though it were 50 ft. in the air. We would swing for what seemed like hours. But today we had a new idea. And it made us laugh.

“I’ll push you and then it will be my turn,” I told me little sister.

“Okay!” was her reply. She jumped on the swing. Her feet didn’t even drag the dirt that was beneath them. 

We swung. We waited. When would a car come by? Or better yet, when would a horse and buggy come by? We were vacationing at a friend’s house in Amish country.

I pushed her and she pumped her legs. That swing went so high. I always thought that one day I would swing so high, I would fly right off the seat. I never did. But that day, we did something that we thought was just crazy.

The air was clear and the only thing in front of us was a corn field and a two lane road. And no cars. Where were the cars?

Finally, a black sedan came traveling down the black asphalt. Giggles rushed into our throats. She pumped. I pushed. Our hands shot up above our heads as we yelled,

“HELLOO! HEY! HOW ARE YA?” with laughter erupting between each syllable. We did it. We yelled at someone going down the road that we didn’t know. And we received a smile in return. 

I was young. She was younger. We loved that swing. It would carry you up and away, and then bring right back to safety. Those people going down the road had no idea who we were.

We didn’t care.

We just wanted to laugh, so we did something that in our little homeschooler minds, was crazy.

We just wanted to be silly, so we took advantage of our location and opportunity and yelled hello to strangers.

I was young. She was younger. We did something that made us laugh. It puzzled those who passed by. Hopefully it made some laugh. Maybe later we were the joke of the neighborhood.

We didn’t care.

We were free. 

We were safe.

We hadn’t a care in the world to keep us from smiling and saying hello to people we thought needed to be spoken to.

Because they were people.

We were children, giggling little girls with a word and a laugh to share.Image 

 Whitney-Faith, me, and our Aunt Jenny-Thanksgiving 2013


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